Our Roots

Built on the principles of wellness and prevention, Biobar was born in San Diego, California by a team of Naturopathic Doctors who saw a need to bring nutrient infusions and shots to health focused individuals in the convenience of their spas, resorts, and homes. Our team provides world class care and safety, with the highest grade injectables for optimum absorption and results. Our nutrient infusions are formulated with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, and Anti-Oxidants to aid in the bodies natural healing process.

Our Purpose

Biobar is an innovative health optimization solution, created and operated exclusively by Naturopathic and integrative physicians. Having helped thousands of patients in their private practices with targeted nutrient infusions and shots, the efficacy of these methods proved irrefutable. Years of successful treatment serve as the reference upon which the Biobar system is based. Now we desire to bring this unique modality to the masses through integration with top tier destination spas and resorts providing the nutrition internally that supports and enhances the spa treatments that we know and rely on.