IV INFUSIONS|Hydrating and Effective.

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HYDRATE 2.0 | Body Hydration And Nutrition

Surprisingly, dehydration is a very common problem, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness, dry skin and more. Our bodies also encounter a variety of outside elements that require us to need more water than we consume in order to flush toxins and keep ourselves hydrated. The Hydrate 2.0 infusion provides your body with the ability to replace electrolytes and fluids for maximum hydration.

JETSET | Travel Recovery And Preparation

Living life on the go tires defenses, creates sleep disturbances and often requires us to be in close proximity of small shared spaces and poor air quality. The Jetset infusion is the perfect shield to the effects of travel. Our nutrient-rich cocktail supports the immune system and protects you from illness so you can experience the globe-trotter life you seek.

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PARTY SMART | Hangover Recovery

Sleep deprivation and consumption of alcohol depletes the body’s vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs to bounce back. Our Recovery infusion aids to restore proper fluid balance and replenish the lost nutrients including activated B vitamins and essential antioxidants such as Glutathione so that you can go about your day feeling your best.


SUPER HERO | The Ultimate IV

The most comprehensive combination of nutrients we offer in a single treatment. This IV provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids to enhance healing, mood and energy. The Super Hero infusion will leave you feeling hydrated, alert, and able to achieve peak performance and wellness.

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