Dr. Orian specializes in the use of Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) for the treatment of damaged connective tissue leading to acute and chronic joint pain. He has trained with many organizations in the use of prolotherapy and PRP and has injected over one thousand patients in his career.

When ligaments and/or tendons are damaged joints can become hypermobile leading to degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis. Classic prolotherapy involves the injection of a mixture of dextrose and lidocaine into the joint spaces and at the enthesis where the ligaments and tendons attach to the bones.

The solution causes irritation to the tissue and initiates an immune response that includes an increased blood supply to the area and an increase in fibroblast activity which results in new collagen deposition. The new collagen strengthens the ligament or tendon and stabilizes the joint which eliminates the pain.

Common ailments that may respond to these techniques include sprains and strains, osteoarthritis, TMJ syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter disease, back pain, and golfer’s or tennis elbow among many others. While there are no magic bullets and no one size fits all treatments in medicine, Regenerative Injection Therapy may be a simple and cost effective alternative to medications and surgery.