Boosting and beneficial.



When you want a little metabolic acceleration, the Skinny Shot will help enhance this process. In addition to activated B12, this shot contains L-Carnitine, which is essential for lean muscle mass development, B6 for protein metabolism, and MIC to aid in the mobilization of fat stores. When we have more muscle mass, we have a greater ability to burn fat.


Get a boost with our perky Go Shot. This shot contains all of the B-Complex vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 which are essential for metabolism energy production in addition to CoQ10 or Ubiquinol which is essential as a cofactor in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, giving you extra pep in your step.


In addition to B12 and MTHF (activated folate) for energy and proper red blood cell development, the Reset Shot will restore your body with antioxidants to scavenge free radicals and protect you from the stressors of life. Glutathione, the grandmaster antioxidant, helps to scavenge free radicals and protect us from the toxicities that we are exposed to on a daily basis.


Reclaim your health and thrive during cold and flu season. With vitamin D, B-Complex vitamins including B12, and Lysine, this shot restores a healthy immune response and helps to protect you from infections.


The Relief shot is your go to for treating what ails you. Say goodbye to those aches and pains and hello to getting back to your active lifestyle. Magnesium is a key muscle relaxer and reduces cortisol (stress hormone). Combined with MTHF (activated folate) and B12, this will help get you back up and moving freely.